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TrueSouth is an SEC Network/ ESPN television show, conceived by executive producer Wright Thompson and host John T Edge, directed by Tim Horgan of Bluefoot Entertainment. We tell honest stories about the region’s past and present. In each city, we focus on two restaurants that talk to each other in interesting ways. From barbecue joints to gas station ceviche cafes, we share the origins of these restaurants, the forces that threaten them, and the belief systems that support them. Read this Nic Brown profile of our show in Garden & Gun Our first season of four episodes premiered in 2018. You may also stream via ESPN.

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Truesouth Hats

Wear the TrueSouth colors. Conceived in Mississippi, designed and embroidered in Georgia, delivered to your doorstop. Ideal for a road trip drive to Laha’s in Hodgenville, KY, for nasty burgers. Or a pilgrimage to Lucky Palace in Shreveport, LA, for pork egg foo young and a bottle of Burgundy. Or a night of watching TrueSouth reruns on your couch.

$30.00, plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), plus tax.

Navy Blue With Mesh Back

$30.00, plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), plus tax.

Navy Blue All Cotton Twill

$30.00, plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), plus tax.

Truesouth Shirts

$30.00, plus $5 shipping ($10 overseas), plus tax.

Canvas Crew T Cream - Takeout Box

Canvas Crew T Maroon Tri-Blend - Logo

Canvas Crew T Cream - Drumstick

Truesouth Accessories

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Double sided Sweet Tea Scented Air Freshener

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